Our kits are designed for anyone wanting to make their own connected smart appliances.

Proper Pushy Button Kit

Proper Pushy Button Kit


Proper Pushy is our poshest connected button kit!

All you need is to add a power source and make a case!

Proper Pushy is a fully assembled, tested and ready to go connected button. We have even added the latest version of our code which includes a wireless setup (just use your phone / desktop and our web app!)

Once linked with Pantri, you can start your maker journey into automated grocery shopping!

We have a few ideas and guides to help you get started!

This button is great for makers who want to get going REALLY quickly, and enjoy packaging design!

sold out

ProperPushy is almost complete and is launching very soon!

Proper Pushy buttons require the following components:

3.7v Lipo Battery or suitable power source