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About Us


 We offer resources & ideas for anyone wanting to build smart devices that track grocery usage.

MakerAppliances is developing a range of kits and buttons that send data through to Pantri which provides inventory tracking that links through to online grocery retailers.

In essence, this means that anyone can make their appliances ‘smart’, and can start automating their grocery shopping.

What we do…

We sell a range of kits for any maker or electronics student to learn how to create simple smart appliances. Starting January 2019, MakerAppliances launches its ‘Push-Thru button’.

Push-Thru button is the first in a series of maker devices, with alternative versions arriving Summer 2019.

We plan to build a community of maker-preneurs through regular events and meetups, where makers can learn about this rapidly expanding market and share ideas!

What is Push-Thru?

Push-Thru is an IoT button that you assemble, code and package yourself. Makers and electronics students learn how to connect the Push-Thru IoT device to the Pantri platform.

Push-Thru is launching now. Pushy, Proper Pushy and BigPush are launching very soon. This range of IoT connected buttons are the core to which makers and students can adapt, invent and innovate from.

What is Pantri?

Pantri makes it possible to build IoT grocery tracking devices that will easily link to a whole range of fulfilment - something that would previously have been an insurmountable task - you concentrate on the hardware, Pantri will make sure you device can then connect to the widest range of retailers.

You can find out more about Pantri by clicking the logo below.

What we are doing…

The last few months have been epic, the MakerAppliance journey has only just started. Follow us on social media, take a look at what we are up to…

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